Whether it’s for two hours or twelve, the time we spend sleeping is precious. At Gratefull Bed, we recognize the value of sleep and want to help other students make the most of their nights. Learn why renting is the smarter way to sleep better.



College beds are cramped and painful.

Countless studies show that sleep matters, from your health to your grades. Sadly, Dartmouth's beds are hard and uncomfortable, leaving you tossing and turning all night while doing irreparable damage to your spine. Plus, twin-size mattresses are inconveniently narrow, leaving no leg room or space for a partner.



Buying your own bed is a costly hassle.

Buying a premium full-size mattress like ours can set you back thousands of dollars. You'll have to lug that bulky bed around during move-ins and move-outs every single year. Did we mention the pricey storage for summers and terms abroad? Renting is cheaper, and saves you hours of labor and stress. Check out our breakdown below.


Let's break it down


The Bed

The Frame




Doing it yourself

$1200+ retail value for a premium bed

$100+ retail value for a standard frame

$50/month * 3 months * 4 years

Stress and hassle of moving a bulky bed 8 times in a college career

Don't need the bed anymore? Want a term off? You're still stuck with it.


$1500+ and a lot of hard work

Renting from GBC

Premium, ultra-comfort foam mattress

Complimentary frame and bed risers

We store the bed for you!

Our premier move-in service sets up your bed for you, always on your schedule

Rent from us for only the terms that you need! Plus, enjoy a money-back guarantee if you don't like your bed!


From $325/year with zero hassle