The Classic: 8" Plush

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The Classic: 8" Plush

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The Classic

Full-size plush mattress. Pocketed coils with high-density foam support. Say goodbye to cramped college beds forever.


Elastic Support

Each high-elastic pocketed spring is independently-encased, allowing the bed to respond directly to your movements. The springs have an orthopedic effect on the back, stimulating circulation.

Hybrid Foam Cushion

Premium high-density foam lines the entirety of the bed with 2" of cushion. That gives you enough sink to sleep comfortably while experiencing the pocketed spring support underneath.

Breathable Structure

Air pockets throughout the inner coils keep the mattress ventilated and cool night after night, while high-quality materials prevent the sagging and creaking found in comparable mattresses.

What you get:

8" plush mattress with 6" hybrid spring support and 2" foam cushioning

• Full-size metal frame & bed risers       • 8" box spring       • Knitted jacquard bed cover

Dimensions: 75" x 54" x 8"          Medium firm: Not too hard, not too soft

What you give:

When you order, we donate $5 directly  to Upper Valley Haven, a group fighting poverty and homelessness in Dartmouth's surrounding areas. Join us in giving back to the communities that help us succeed.